Karin Mind of Couture designs, builds and styles multiple forms of seating. Our “Salon of Seating” is made up of chairs, sofas, love seats, ribbon benches and garden benches.

These furniture creations make up the heart and soul of our collection.

We don't do hundreds of other products to try to please everyone
We think that we should concentrate all of our energy on seating and that is what we do.

We think of ourselves as artists, artisans, historians and master craftsmen dedicated to a continuous journey to create style, elegance and sophistication in every step we take everyday. We do this to add a touch of magic to everyday life whether it is sitting in a hotel lobby, a fine restaurant, your living room, your dining room or as a guest of the President. We have created our “Salon of Seating” with the understanding that this form of ambiance is a necessary backdrop to a life of quality.

Karin Akermann-Fry is the Swiss born design force behind Mind of Couture. Educated in private schools in England and Switzerland, she is fluent in five languages and is an experienced world traveler. Her vast travels have given her an insight into the many cultures and lifestyles the world has to offer.

She has designed and provided “One of a Kind “ furnishings for properties in London, Zurich, Montreux, Cape Town, Cairo, Corsica, Beverly Hills and New York. With this experience she coordinates a team of twenty experts in fields of seating design, furniture making, upholstery, color optics, fabric resourcing, wood finishing and fire resistant construction techniques to provide the clients of Mind of Couture with an international flavor and insight few people can see or articulate.

The design influences on Mind of Couture are historical in their nature and are then intertwined with the incredible advancements of today’s world in fabrics, materials and colors. The past and the present will always create what is today, and it is our challenge to make that happen with a sense of style, culture and elegance while maintaining a respect for our planet and all of its people.

Once upon a time, [by the way, this is what we do everyday] MIND OF COUTURE, took a chair design format from the age of Louis XVI and added its own architectural embellishments creating a style of tasteful opulence. We call this chair “The Ambassador.” We then take the chair frame and look at it like an artist contemplating a canvas with an idea for a painting. The artist is preparing to create a masterpiece and so are we.

The artist then reaches for his pallet of colors and so do we. Should we start with red, blue, silver or gold to bring the chair to life. We are not constrained by our selection of colors and in fact we are liberated because while our canvas maybe of historical significance in the basic design, we can pursue our passion for aesthetic magic and still maintain a sense of history. So now the color and finish have been chosen and we are now ready to continue.

Like the artist, we must now choose the technique or brush stroke to finish the journey. The artist uses paint, and we use fabric. Renoir, Matisse and Manet had a limited number of colors available, yet created master pieces because they had the eye of greatness. We have thousands of fabric styles and colors available and the eye of Mind of Couture must be as demanding in its selection of colors, textures, styles and finishing techniques as the artist is when finishing a painting.

As the chair is finished, and we come to the end of our journey, we always reflect on the philosophy of young artist Aya Baeshean who wrote: “To me the awakening of the subconscious is when it feels right, when harmony surfaces on a canvas. It is no longer a play on stopping when there is nothing more to add, rather more stopping when there is nothing left to take away.”

Color, style and elegance is Mind of Couture
Every day we think of how we can make your rooms explode with vibrant colors, sophisticated style and alluring / unforgettable fabrics.

Every day we bring a new energy and fusion of design disciplines to our “Salon of Seating.”

Every day we pursue stylistic perfection to add a touch of magic to the lives of our clients.

Special design requests available
to commercial, residential and contract clients
The character of our seating can be re-created to give you a one of a kind glamour and style that is yours and yours alone.

Our sophisticated designs can be finished in any way the mind can conceive.